the literary magazine of Gardner-Webb University

Current Issue

BRR 2015 Cover


Sharon Charde, Fiftieth Anniversary


Adam Padgett, Useful Things


Nicole Saxton, Christian Ritual and Color Blind


Kathy Ackerman, April 19, 1906: Marie Curie Talks to Pierre on the Night of His Death                          

Jeffrey Alfier, Mapping Our Run to The Isle of Skye

KB Ballentine, The Color of Longing            

Tina Barr, White Light                     

Milton J. Bates, Payback                  

Peter Bergquist, The Memories Always Win           

John Brantingham, Your Story of Water                 

Susan Elliott Brown, Ephemeroptera                      

Bob Buchanan, Prisoners of the War He Carries with Him              

Joan Colby, Vowels               

Patty Cole, He’ll Take Us with Him, by God            

Michael Collins, After High Tide                  

Jacob Collins-Wilson, Fourth Measurement on a Thursday             

Barbara Conrad, Sunset at Six Stories                    

Caroline Cottom, Welcome the Years                      

Donna L. Emerson, Beside Salmon Creek                

Terri Kirby Erickson, Pixie Cut                  

Terry Ford, In the Middle House                 

Susan Claire Glass, Waiting for Joseph         

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Beyond My Window and a Thing Called Guilt          

Kevin Griffin, Scream           

Patricia L. Hamilton, Hard Facts      

Chad Hanson, A Wine Rack Full of Ghosts                           

Ryan Havely, Only the Dark Matters

Lowell Jaeger, Grandma’s Basement 

Andrew Jarvis, The Robber               

Lorraine Jeffery, Verdict                              

Esther Whitman Johnson, Spaghetti                                   

Joshua Jones, Crabbing                                 

Janet Joyner, Ma Caulder

Richard Lebovitz, First Snow                        

Kathleen Brewin Lewis, A Brace of Weeping Women                     

David Loope, Alma Mater                                                                              

Christopher Martin, Psalm 139                               

Stephen Massimilla, Plum Summer  

Charlotte McCaffrey, Findings          

Sarah Merrow, Night Creatures                                

Jed Myers, Morphed a Little                         

Alice Osborn, Cooper River Bridge                            

Richard King Perkins II, Basaltic Grains                             

John Repp, Wooder                           

M.C. Rush, Idioverse   

Mia Sara, Just Another Day                           

Maureen Sherbondy, Stagger                                  

Matthew J. Spireng, Colony                         

Bradley Strahan, Portrait of a Lady with an Ostrich Feather Fan    

Jo Barbara Taylor, When Persephone Returns to Hades                  

Larry D. Thacker, Standing Chimneys                                  

Kory Wells, Those Who Wish to Sing Always Find a Song                

Helen Wickes, In This Afterlife                                  

Harold Whit Williams, Born Again Homecoming                             

Howard Winn, There Will Always Be Answers                                 

Francine Witte, Cafe Crazy                          

Jane Woods, Bird Migration                         

Barry Yeoman, Morning Thunderstorm in Small Town America     


Abe Aamidor, The Sound Transit 594                         

Harley April, Something Happened This Morning                

Aaron Brown, Middle Passage                                  

Wesley Browne, Home-Fires                        

Dennis Dedmond, Camp Jesus                     

Rupert Fike, Tracy Takes His Walk                          

Linda H. Heuring, Breaking Point                             

Darlena Moore, What It All Comes Down To                      

BettyJoyce Nash, Geronimo                          

Laura A. Zink, Stopping Short                                   


Devynn Braun, Breaking Clean        

Alison Hicks, Michael                        

Tim Keppel, Maxims of a Literary Father                             


Allison Parrish, Wooden Fence with Snow

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