the literary magazine of Gardner-Webb University

2014 Contest



Sharon Charde of Lakeville, Connecticut, for “Fiftieth Anniversary”


Kathy Ackerman of Tryon, North Carolina, for “April 19, 1906”
Esther Johnson of Roanoke, Virginia, for “Spaghetti”


KB Ballentine of Signal Mountain, Tennessee, for “The Color of Longing”
Tina Barr, of Black Mountain, North Carolina, for “White Light”
Milton Bates of Marquette, Michigan, for “Payback”
Michael Collins of Mamaroneck, New York, for “After High Tide”
Barbara Conrad of Charlotte, North Carolina, for “Sunset at Six Stories”
Terri Kirby Erickson of Lewisville, North Carolina, for “Pixie Cut”
Kevin Griffin of Plymouth, Michigan, for “Scream”
Patricia Hamilton of Jackson, Tennessee, for “Hard Facts”
Janet Joyner of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for “Ma Caulder”
Kathleen Lewis of Atlanta, Georgia, for “A Brace of Weeping Women”
Sarah Merrow of Baltimore, Maryland, for “Night Creature”
Jed Myers of Seattle, Washington, for “Morphed a Little”
Alice Osborn of Raleigh, North Carolina, for “Cooper River Bridge”
Richard King Perkins II of Crystal Lake, Illinois, for “Basaltic Grains”
Matthew Spireng of Kingston, New York, for “Colony”
Kory Wells of Murphreesboro, Tennessee, for “Those Who Wish to Sing Always Find a Song”
Harold Whit Williams of Austin, Texas, for “Born Again Homecoming”
Barry Yeoman of London, Ohio, for “Morning Thunderstorm in Small Town America”




Adam Padgett, for “Useful Things”


Rupert Fike of Clarkston, Georgia, for “Tracy Takes His Walk”
BettyJoyce Nash of Charlottesville, Virginia, for “Geronimo”


Mike Bell of Ramsey, New Jersey, for “Lesson Plan”
Wesley Browne of Richmond, Kentucky, for “What’s True”
Linda Heuring of Carpentersville, Illinois, for “Breaking Point”
Darlena Moore of Raleigh, North Carolina, for “What It All Comes Down To”
Laura Zink of Oakland, California, for “Stopping Short”
Andrew Siegrist of New Orleans, Louisiana, for “Something Like Thunder”


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