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Peter Kahn, One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go to the Valley Below


Matt Yeager, Lake Peigneur


Jenn Blair, Blood Mountain


Myla Athitang, Sticky Rice


James Adams, There’s a Lime Lying
Jeffrey Alfier, Granite County Pastoral
Tobi Alfier, The Solace of Arizona
Devon Balwit, Vintage Photo
Roy Bentley, A Good Kind of Leaving
L.R. Berger, A Long and Overdue Letter to Wendell Berry
Peter Bergquist, At the Beach
John Blair, Under the Volcano
Katie Ellen Bowers, The Heat of Summer
Betsy Brockett, Fist
Jennifer Brown, Memory Is a Body Concealed
Nathaniel Cairney, In the Garden of Immigrant Children
Barbara Caldwell, First Car Last Car
Sarah Carey, Meanwhile, America Is Losing Its Memory
Patty Cole, Lines, Margins, and Spotlights
Barbara Conrad, Another Category 5
Roger Craik, Waverly Street
Jim Daniels, Favorite Drug
John Davis, Jr., Ode to Southern Gray
Stephany L.N. Davis, Beasts and Bloodlines
Mary Christine Delea, After Re-Reading Willa Cather’s My Ántonia
Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Meditation at Laguna Beach
Hollie Dugas, This Story Is Not in the Bible
Patricia L. Hamilton, Ghost Planes
Luke Hankins, Synapse

Robert W. Hill, Seascape
Jo Ann Hoffman, Her Fragrance
Gary Keenan, Apothegms in Aspic
Candice Kelsey, Closed Caption for the Hearing Impaired
Victoria Korth, Berries
Michael Kreger, New Mexico, 5:43 AM
Stacey Lawrence, Lisa
Yvonne Higgins Leach, Fear of Abrupt Endings
Betsy Littrell, Backwash
Robert McCall, The Spectral Forest
Kevin J. McDaniel, Eye of a Needle
David Alexander McFarland, Wind
Joshua McKinney, Betrayal
Nathan Miller, Exposure
K.G. Newman, Pitching Lessons
Douglas Nordfors, Never
Ilari Pass, Planted: From the Mind of a 7 Year-Old
Barry Peters, Riptide
Paulann Petersen, Dried Whole Persimmon
Eugene Platt, Love Poem for a Dying Wife
James Ramsey, Under the Haze of Oldest Mountains
Choya Randolph, Carry.
Greg Rappleye, Detox
Devin Reese, Snarge
Linda Neal Reising, Horsman
Claire Scott, I’m Working on It
Maureen Sherbondy, Going Home
Mark Simpson, Illuminated Building, Darkening Cave
Rachel Sobylya, Elegy for Handwriting
Matthew J. Spireng, Letter to My Grandmother
Max Stephan, Clearing Out the Bomb Shelter, 1979
Alex Thomas, There Are So Many Things That Happen in Empty Places
Emily Townsend, The Storm on Interstate 10 to Florida
Lazarus Trubman, Flowers for Elizabeth
Allen Tullos, Old Finch House
Bob Wickless, The Only Image
Jan Wiezorek, Saw
Elaine Wilburt, How to Leave Your Child at College
D.C. Wiltshire, Testament
Joe Woodward, What Was Left Was
Jianqing Zheng, A Fleck of Warmth


Ace Boggess, Shadow People
John Brantingham, Santa Monica Mountains
Nik Bristow, Gail Patena’s New North Star
Timothy Dodd, Our Convenience
Stephanie Dupal, Yields of Harvest
Wendy J. Fox, Pivot, Feather
Victoria Shannon, Kith and Kin
Randall Shelley, Little Dog
Duncan Smith, Reunion
Bill Smoot, Clearing the House
John Thomson, Julian’s Army
C.D. Watson, Decoration Day


Brett Riley, Just Talk to Her, Dude
Tyler Whitney, My Dad: Found Within the Grey
Cynthia Yancey, From Asheville to Africa: Sarah in Sabawoori

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