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2018 Contest

2018 Rash Award in Fiction

Seth Wieck of Amarillo, Texas, for “Tender Mercies of the Wicked”

Honorable Mention
D. Ferrara of Wyckoff, New Jersey, for “Save the Mill”
Dave McNamara of Dorchester, Massachusetts, for “Common Value”

Heather Bell Adams of Raleigh, North Carolina, “Three Clicks”
Brodie Lowe of Indian Land, South Carolina, “Not the Man”
Mary Lambeth Moore of Raleigh, North Carolina, “Emergencies”
Ray Morrison, for “Can’t You Say You’re Sorry?”
E.C. Shelburne, for “Any Other Kind”
John Thomson, for “The Forgiven”
C.D. Watson of Cashiers, North Carolina, “Lightning Crack, Thunder Roll”

2018 Rash Award in Poetry

Mark Svenvold of New York, New York, for “Coda: Eurydice as Deja vu Finale”

Honorable Mention
Nancy Kassell of Brookline, Massachusetts, for “Cuttings”
J. Ross Peters of Memphis, Tennessee, for “Wetland Sounding”
Jo Barbara Taylor of Raleigh, North Carolina, for “The Common Touch of Know-How”

Terry Hall Bodine of Lynchburg, Virginia, for “Mollusk”
Abby Caplin of San Francisco, California, for “Death of Sound”
Terri Kirby Erickson, of Pfafftown, North Carolina, of “Solea”
Robert Fillman of Macungie, Pennsylvania, for “The Second Offer”
Ian T. Hall of Raven, Kentucky, for “Foxfire”
Linda Flaherty Haltmaier of Andover, Massachusetts, for “To the Brink”
Angela Kelly, for “1979”
Jessica Lynn Suchon of Nashville, Tennessee, for “Epilogue”
Preston Martin of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for “A Quiet Poem”
Kevin J. McDaniel of Pulaski, Virginia, for “Storage”
Jim McDermott,for “Mountaintop Removal”
Phill Provance of Woodstock, Illinois, for “Triangle”
Greg Rappleye of Grand Haven, Michigan, for “Winter Flounder”
Claire Scott of Oakland, California, for “An Old Woman in a Dry Season”
Bonnie Stanard of Lexington, South Carolina, for “The Sensuals of Living in the South”
Sally Stewart Mohney of Atlanta, Georgia, for “Fonta Flora Remains”
Rachel Sobylya of Katy, Texas, for “Lenin”
Max Stephan of Orchard Park, New York, for “The Return”
Nancy H. Womack of Rutherfordton, North Carolina, for “Dear Debbie Reynolds”

Judges for the 2018 Awards were Amy Greene (fiction) and Maurice Manning (poetry).

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